Painting lessons for children
PAINTING AND DRAWING FOR  CHILDREN De kleine gouden hand                                            monday and tuesday  afternoon    from 4pm to 5.30pm Welcome, children,to my studio. We work in small groups with plenty of time to spend with each one of you. To show you for example, how to make paint to produce the most beautiful colours, how to work with all sorts of crayons, inks, and paintsprays. To get an idea of how artists work you make an oilpainting and a portrait and we visit a museum to make drawings.  We also do some work in clay and soapstone. Would you like to try it? Come for a free lesson. tuesday max 10 children     12.50 euro  per lesson All materials supplied. Minimum payment 4 lessons. This is a permanent course,do you want to stop tell me one month in advance! One more thing... Don t put on your finest dress!   Marijke Bouthoorn Verschoor             Dutch ,englisch Sneeuwklokjestraat 20                         french,german 2565 GN den Haag tel 3452138.         spoken for information on adult lessons;same addres.
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PAINTING AND DRAWING FOR CHILDREN older than 12 years(with exeptions)                                              wednesday        from 15.30 pm to 17.30 pm 12.50 euro  per lesson. payment 40 euro a month, do you want to stop, tell me one month in advance
2 groups :  6/12Years and 12 years and older